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Same goes for poker. This is considered a sport, and has even had extensive coverage on ESPN, like with the World Series of Poker.Ug, I can't stand when people think 'athletics' when 'sport' comes up. Grab your dictionary and you'll know why chess is a sport.

The amount of money that these players make is also another factor in why I think poker should be considered a sport. ... Should Poker Be Considered A Sport? ESPN.com: Page 2 : Does poker qualify as a sport? Is poker a sport? Before I attempt to ... but I doubt whether that's why people tune in to watch. In fact, you can make a better case that they tune in to ... why is poker considered a sport? | Yahoo Answers theres nothing sporty about it why do they give it as a sport Why is Poker Considered a Sport - clinicaeverest.ro Why is Poker Considered a Sport. Is sport betting the same as gambling? - Quora

Why some copers consider poker as sport?

Rannvijay Singh on why Poker is considered a sport ... Commenting on the overall argument of poker being a sport, Rannvijay said, “I often hear people discussing poker as ‘gambling’, but I’m not sure why. Playing poker enhances people’s analytical and logical skill sets, and while there is a little bit of luck involved, the entire game is based on math and probability. If it was all luck ... Is poker considered to be a sport - answers.com Is poker considered to be a sport? ... No, it could not be considered a sport, just like chess, checkers, and a variety of other board games could never be viewed as a sport. ... Why is NASCAR ...

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Plus, in the UK, because poker is classified as a game and not a professional sport, all winnings are completely tax free, certainly not the case for other sports and their stars! But for high rollers in America they do have to pay their dues to the IRS. Possibly a very good reason, in the UK at least, why it might be best to keep poker as a game. Should video games be considered a sport? Yes! Here's why... I know what you’re thinking…if video games are considered sport, then what about chess and similar games? Simply, chess fails against two of the 5 points above—athletic ability and physical activity (it’s much more mental than anything, and the resulting “physical activity” is not a factor in the outcome of the match).

May 11, 2010 ... The card game of poker has been officially accepted by the International Mind Sports ... It is now considered a mind sport just like chess or bridge.

Why is poker considered a sport? : NoStupidQuestions Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Why is poker considered a sport? | Yahoo Answers ESPN airs that crap all the time and it makes me wonder, how is it a sport? There's no physical activity AT ALL (their isn't any in NASCAR either, but that's considered a sport too...) you don't have to be physically fit to play. How is it a sport? eSports are Real Sports - Fact or Myth? Are eSports Real Sports? eSports can be considered “real sports” by definition, much in the same way chess or poker can be. There are many parallels between traditional athletic sports and eSports. However, the virtual environment and lack of physical activity call into question whether we can truly define eSports as “real sports” without any qualifiers (for instance eSports could be ... why is poker considered a sport? Free Dating, Singles and ...

etymology - Why is poker a "sport" and not just a "game ... This is why poker calls itself a sport rather than a game. Calling it a game conjures up images of relaxed fun, rolling the dice and leaving winning up to chance. Or in other words - that poker is a bit like gambling, and that's something the government wants to ban or tax. In contrast, suppose that we call Poker a sport. Well now we have an ... Should Poker be Considered a Sport? – The Chronicle I am a fan of the game and love to sit down with the guys and have a poker night, or maybe catch a few minutes of it on TV. I am just saying it’s in no contention to be considered a sport. I can see why there is such a push for poker to become a sport with the huge fan base, but hardcore fans need to realize that poker is just a game. Should videogames be considered a sport ? – Paw Print Press