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Re: New software: Range vs. Range No, you don't have to compute every combo. Just naively deal each player a range-appropriate hand from its own 52-card deck, and then start over only if you happened to deal the same card to multiple players. The Ultimate Poker Study Tool: Advanced Equity and ... Next street analysis narrows a range down as you proceed through a hand to analyze turn and river decisions. Assign a range into eight groups. Intelligent auto-selection into groups. Instant heads up range vs range equity calculations preflop, "vs

I'd like to calculate the average of the equities on the flop in Texas Holdem for a particular starting hand vs. particular ranges. PokerStove can nicely do this except that it calculates the equities on the river and in example, I would like to see what if I call a 2bet from the blinds -say- with 65s and what would be my average equity on the flop versus the range of all pocker pairs etc. The REM Process - Range, Equity, Maximize - The Poker Bank The REM Process - Range, Equity, Maximize. By Greg Walker. REM Process: Range > Equity > Maximize. Range, equity, maximize (REM) is an incredibly effective process for evaluating situations and getting the most from every hand you play. The REM process forms the groundwork of optimum play in no limit Texas Hold'em. Oranges Calculator - Holdem ranges explorer. oRanges Calculator. Holdem Ranges Explorer is a hand range tool which was developed to help holdem poker players better to understand how frequently range hits specific hands and allows you to calculate the probability of starting hand range to fit a given board, conveniently visualize opponents ranges and build your own range to significantly increase your skill... Defense vs Polarized & Merged 3-Bet Ranges | Poker Article 4) Defense vs Merged Ranges. As demonstrated above, a merged range contains only value hands and zero bluffs. It also contains hands that your opponent thinks are value hands but are actually not; hands like 67ss and 44.You have the same options at your disposal – you can flat, you can 4bet-bluff, or you can 4bet for value.

Easily create your poker hand ranges. Create and organize your poker hand ranges. Improve your poker game by planning. An intuitive graphical tool. Unlimited number of colors and borders. Copy and Paste ranges from and to other software. Organize your ranges within categories and tabs. Add custom text for each hand.

How To Build Poker Ranges (Live Poker Edition With A Complete Example) Building ranges and putting players on a correct range of hands is a complex skill – but one that is vital for finding every last nugget of value in your sessions. Flop Falcon - Advanced Poker Software Flop Falcon gives you a suite of user-friendly tools to compare two ranges and see how they both hit and miss the flop. The program simulates thousands of flops and how the specified ranges interact. It then delivers data within seconds, visualized in an easy-to-analyze dashboard. Best Poker Software and Tools for Ranges - Poker In a Box Best Poker Software and Tools for Ranges. Update December 30, 2016 I’m currently using GTO solvers, Poker Ranger, and Flopzilla (mentioned below) as my poker software study tools.. Making the jump from micro-stakes to pro poker level, requires a deep understanding of ranges.You expand your perception beyond who has the better hand to who has the better range.

ALL IN Expert is a poker software tool that lets you make better all in decisions ... you exactly the right times when to go all in given specific ranges and stack sizes.

Poker Hand Ranges - Range Calculator for Smarter Poker Tactics A poker hand range calculator is a great tool to help make smarter decisions when playing for real money. Get in-depth knowledge of calculating hand ranges, equity, and combinations to improve poker strategies. Flopzilla Review - Online Poker Software Flopzilla Synopsis. Flopzilla is a tool aimed and allowing online poker players to develop insights into how certain ranges hit particular flops. It offers the ability to have a user enter a range and flop and shows how that player's range hits the flop. Flopzilla Full Review The New Poker Analysis Tool - PokerRanger PokerRanger The Most Intuitive Analysis Tool. This analysis tool allows you to analyze how often certain ranges hit twopairs, trips or sets and to find out how often those hand strengths win. You can also calculate your expected value or fold equity in various lines and even import Hold'em Manager hand histories. Learn more... Poker Hand Ranges - pokerlistings.com

Using Flopzilla and HoldEq to do Range v Range Equity Analysis SmartPokerStudy.com In this Flopzilla & HoldEq video I cover the following: • How to use Flopzilla and HoldEq together for range v ...

Poker Stars, $50 Buy-in (1,600/3,200 blinds, 320 ante) No Limit Hold'em Tournament, 8 Players Powered By - The Ultimate Suite. SB: 201,510 (63 bb) Hero ... Q9s vs reg : Multi-table turnaje (MTT) poradna PokerStars, $20 + $2 - Hold'em No Limit - 250/500 (65 ante) - 9 players UTG: 18,497 (37 bb) UTG+1 (Hero): 13,853 (28 bb) MP: ...

Poker Strategy: How to Calculate Your Equity vs a Range

AA will be green for both players and if you mouse over it, it will show you the equity of having AA vs an opponents range of AA,KK,QQ. Which is about 80% (it is so high because if you have 2 aces it is very unlikely that your opponet has the other 2 so you are usually up against KK or QQ). Poker Hand Range Calculator - Poker Software & Tools ... This is a discussion on Poker Hand Range Calculator within the online poker forums, in the Poker Software & Tools section; Hi there, I have found an online free Poker Range Calculator, its really ... The intuitive Poker Range Tool - PokerRanger (official thread) Hey folks, in this thread we present to you our intuitive range tool PokerRanger. Free Download The idea of the tool is simple: It combines features from a lot of other software and enables you to combine them (other tools include Flopzilla, Combonator, Equilab/Pokerstove and to a certain degree even Odds Oracle and Cardrunners EV).Poker players using PokerRanger improve their game ...

Preflop Range Optimization (Pokersnowie, PIO) : poker 5) No illegal content. This includes sharing stream links to paid content, and sharing the download of books or software. Additionally, please avoid posting adult content. We're here for poker! 6) Keep in mind, we follow both the rules of Reddit itself and other poker sites. Poker calculator | Flopzilla: Holdem range analysis tool Flopzilla: Range analysis software Flopzilla is a poker calculator that has been designed to let you quickly and easily figure out how a range hits a board. Just enter a preflop range and a board and Flopzilla will work out for you how often that range hits hands like top pair, middle pair, a flushdraw, a gutshot, etc. Poker Ranges Explained - YouTube