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what is the purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard… Jul 24, 2006 · Customer Question what is the purpose of... Experience: Over 11 years of experience with Windows XP/2003, Windows NT, and Macintosh hardware and software. Expansion slots allow you to add additional functionally or upgrade parts to your computer. Some of the more common expansion cards are Video cards, Modems, and also SCSI cards. What is the purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard Jul 30, 2007 · Used to add a user purchased piece of hardware. Depending on what kind of slot it is AGP/PCI/PCI-E, it could be for adding a Video card, Sound card, Network Interface card, Modem... To add a modem, a sound card, another serial or parallel port, an additional controller card, a wireless antenna, anything with a PCI bus.

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Solved: What is the purpose of an expansion slot on a ... Step 1 of 3 Every motherboard consists of expansion slots such that these expansion slots are used by the expansion cards. • These expansion cards are also known as adapter cards. The motherboard has limited number of audio and video ports and these expansion cards are used for providing extra ports. • Refer to the Figure 1-5 for a video card. What is the purpose of expansion slots? | Yahoo Answers Best Answer: It the old way of adding new drives and hardware. Nowadays, we use USB, Firewire, and SATA ports located outside the computer box, especially on laptops and mini computers. After all, a USB port or any other "port" is an expansion slot too. It's just smaller, more durable, and a lot more portable. The Purpose of the Storage Expansion Slot on the Acer ...

Aug 11, 2012 ... Motherboard expansion slots come in many different shapes, sizes, and speeds. ... And it was designed just for this purpose. The idea being on ...

What is the purpose of expansion slots? What's an… Expansion slots are for exactly what their name implies: Expanding the capabilities of the system. History lesson: A contemporary personal computer has many features 'on board' that used to be offloaded to expansion slots. Network Interface Cards... What is the purpose of an expansion slot on... | Yahoo… To add some feature that the motherboard doesn't have, or upgrade an existing one. Things that might be added: 1. Wireless card 2. Video capture card 3. Winmodem 4. SCSI adapter (though unlikely) 5. RAID controller Things that may be upgraded: 1. Video card 2. Ethernet card... Chapter 1 Review Flashcards | Quizlet What is the purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard? Used for an expansion card, which provides a port or other function that is not provided by the motherboard. What should be the setting for a dual-voltage selector switch on a power supply when using the computer in the United States?

The function of expansion slots are exactly like their name. They are .... What is the purpose of installing faceplates on empty bays and expansion slots? DUST!!!

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Expansion slots are long narrow sockets in a computer into which an expansion card can be inserted.Types of expansion slots are: ISA ISA were the first standard for PCs, there are an old technology. PCI Peripheral Controller Interface these operate at either 33 or 66 MHz and 64 bits. Question 5 Points 10 out of 10 What is an expansion slot

Which type of motherboard expansion slot has four types ranging from x1 to x16 with each type having ... What is one purpose of adjusting the clock speed within the ... What is the purpose of having an EHWIC slot in Cisco devices?